lunedì 20 agosto 2007


Hi to everybody! I’m an Italian girl and I live in Milan! I love the

different cultures and I would like know better about them!

Gimme Your Stuff

I love the cute things and the other cultures, I like parfumes and Japan, I like cute things and kawaii stuff, I like the mystery and the magic..........; especially I would like to receive:

- Sanrio (especially Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, Kuromi), San-x (especially Mamegoma) and kawaii stuff (plushes, keyrings, mascots, stationery, etc.)

- Powerpuff Girls, Pucca and Pingu stuff

- Jewels (especially cute earrings, hair-clips and necklaces)

- Seals, hamsters, horses, dogs, rabbits, pigs, panda, cows

- Typical cultural objects

- Disney stuff

- Tea bags and infusion

- Bento and its accessories

- Typical food

- Gadgets coming from Japan

- Cute hair-clips

- Stationary set, stickers, pen, letter set and.....a lot of kawaii stuff!

- Lovely boxes

- Perfumed objects

- Phone-straps and keyrings

- Little and cute bags

- Plushes

- Products for bathroom and body (I love Lush *_*)

- Handmade stuff

- Everything is cute and pink

- Fairies, elves, gnomes

- Witches of any type

- Objects of the Celtic culture

- Gadgets about Ai Yazawa’s manga

-and......everything kawaii!!!!!!

I would not like to receive:

-the yellow color

-accessories for makeups

I offer:

- Italian food

- Handmade earrings and necklaces (also with characters Disney and Hello Kitty)

- Kawaii stuff

- Souvenir of Milano and generally of Italy

- Italian magazines

- Make-up stuff

and…what you want!!!

Please, contact me to

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crazydot ha detto...

Hi! I'm Dorothy from Singapore! I have a Hello Kitty shop right next to my place and it's brimmign with Hello Kitty stuff! And I can get loads of funky flavoured Pocky and stuff for you too if you'd like! Would love, love a dress from Milan!

Do check out and leave a comment if you're interested too! Would love to hear from you!

Nene ha detto...

ho appena aperto un blog di swap italiano..
se ti interessa vieni su